1.Day Saturday

Get off to Gatwick to fly to Dalaman in Turkey - huge new airport with a big duty free area on arrival. Were met and taken to the boat just 45 minutes away.
Welcomed aboard the boat with a drink of our choice and shown to our cabin. Lovely size bed, could fit 3 on it! Our own bathroom, had a lovely hot shower and then slept.
Bell was ringing announcing breakfast. What a spread of cheeses, jams, fresh white bread, fruit and an omelette. Don't know if I'll get used to the tomatoes, olives and cucumber! Plenty of tea, coffee and fruit juices. Was going to unpack my dive gear but went to see the town with others. Visited the fish market whilst some went for a Turkish Bath. Saw a turtle swimming in the harbour. Back on board for lunch and we set sail. Beautiful scenery, anchored in a little bay and we all sorted our dive gear and went for our first dive. Later we moved into Turunc Bay, has a restaurant and bar on land. We went for a walk on land up a hill and picked some carobs and oranges. Back to the boat for dinner a fish BBQ and huge prawns.

2.Day Sunday

Slept on deck last night it was amazing looking at the stars. Wake to the bell for breakfast, then an early morning swim and we move to the first dive site. Yellow Stones, loads of lovely swim throughs, a small cave full of prawns.
Back on board and straight back in for a swim. Lunch, then an afternoon sleep in the sun, during which the boat moves to another dive sight, we dive again, Turkish Bath, amazing anemones, cave sweepers, grouper and many more. We return to the boat to afternoon tea and pancakes. We dived again, returned to the boat to catch the late sun and a swim. After a refreshing hot shower dinner is served, a chicken dish with rice, various side salads and some fruit to finish off. Then we had a drink with the other guests on board .

3.Day Monday

We cruise across the sea to Red Island, where we dived seeing amazing rock formations that look just like an amphitheatre. Lunch was delicious vegetarian dish; potatoes with their centres cut out and filled with various vegetables in a delicious sauce. An afternoon laze in the sun to get my more than earned suntan, and then on to another dive site called Table Rock, only just opened for diving, a small beach near St Nicholas Island. We arrive at St Nicholas Island, an area where diving is prohibited. A good walk to the top of the island allows us to watch a beautiful sunset, our guide has brought a bottle of wine for us to all enjoy. The island is covered in ruins dating back as far as the 4"' century, a religious society lived here and there are several churches and many tombs to be seen. There is little light pollution at night so my view of the Milky Way is breathtaking.

4.Day Tuesday

We sail along the coast to Gocek, now an exclusive yachting marina; we walk through the small town looking in the shops. We then head to a small bar on the sea front, and sit down for a drink, the captain has ordered some muscles, deliciously stuffed with rice and seasonings. We head back to the boat for dinner and moor up round the corner at a small bay.

5.Day Wednesday


6.Day Thursday

Tried out water skiing today, was difficult at first, but when I got the hang of it was great fun. Went on a donut ride before dinner don't think I have ever drunk so much sea water! So much fun Iwould definitely do them both again.

7.Day Friday

We return to Fethiye where we get in a jeep and head to Saklikent and Tlos(Extra). Saklikent is a canyon formed by centuries of melting snow. The walk towards the canyon starts by walking along a wooden track fastened to the rocks above the torrent of freezing cold water. Lunch is on a platform above the water (which serves as the restaurants fridge), delicious trout is served like you have never tasted before. The water never gets above 0°C, so after lunch we wade this freezing water and then walk up the canyon. Some young men help us to climb the difficult parts, looking up you can see where the rocks have fallen and been caught in the canyon. On the way back we visit Tlos, the home of Pegasus. Ancient tombs can be seen in the rocks, recently new ones have been uncovered and are being shaded from the sun to protect them. We head back to Fethiye, for some shopping. In the evening we go out to a lovely restaurant, Megri, in the middle of town, delicious food and good company makes the last night as good as the rest. After dinner we head to Car Cemetery Bar for a drink before we go back for our transfer to the airport. What a week, can't wait to come back.