Diving On The Boat

In our boat, all the comfort and safety is provided in line with the purpose of your visit and your expectations. There are a total of 2 air compressors on the boat- two Alkin each with 232lt / min capacity. You will never hear the sound of electric Alkin compressors during filling. These powerful compressors are kept clean and well-maintained by our team at any time to ensure unlimited diving.
Baskets and seats are available for the each one of 14 divers. You can dive without having to refasten your equipment repeatedly throughout the week. We provide 10 lt, 12lt and 15lt steel diving tubes and other diving equipment produced by reliable brands in accordance with DIN and INT systems, and we provide regular maintenance.
On our boat, where we prioritize safety, there are two oxygen cylinders and a mobile oxygen kit ready for use at any time in case of emergency.
Two dives are performed in our boat with experienced guide-trainers. If your level is appropriate, you can make additional dives with your diving partner.
Those who do not dive can make discover dive, and it is possible to receive training and certification from one of the disciplines of your choice (TSSF / CMAS-PADI) during the tour. Information about the courses can be found in the Diving Courses section of our website. Underwater visibility varies according to seasonal and current conditions. In our region, which is affected by industrial pollution at minimum, even though visibility falls to 15 to 20 meters from time to time, usually you can easily see 40 - 45 meters.